We are huge fans of Agador Spartacus in this house.


Mr Bugg is dolled up in a frilly black apron. He is leaning forwards, proffering to Mrs Bugg a silver salver on which rests a bottle of tablets. Mrs Bugg, for her part, has a hand pressed to her forehead in a gesture of either a grand headache, or goth-girl forlornness; let’s go with the former, shall we?

The text reads: “Buggarch 6, 1899: Buggyar register buggrin tablets as a trademark. Maids and housekeepers begin to scratch out the first few lettst to tell housewives that they are actually drugs.”

Hey, look, my other project – finally crossposting in a manner that can be reblogged without looking silly!

Check out The Buggs’ main site for more info, background and other stuffs.

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