So a few days ago, we adopted this stray, Tsoei (Zoey for those not as silly as my sweetie, who named her) and I am nearly at my wits’ end with her – I can’t decide if she is not as smart as I think she is, or if she’s manipulative, or what.

I’m trying to teach her her name, using the technique our old trainer taught us: Hold up a treat, then move it to the side so the dog’s eyes follow. Say the dog’s name. When the dog looks at you, mark it and give the treat.

Unfortunately, the way Tsoei sees it, this game is about CONSTANT EYE CONTACT THAT LEADS TO TREATS.

Gonna see if the old trainer is still training somewhere, because he was a fucking magician at helping us figure out our dogs’ brains, and I need a magician right about now.


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