Some good news for me is that I’ll be getting more hours back at work… starting next month. So at the very least I don’t need to find another job. In the meantime, I just really REALLY need some support to get me through this month and the next…

The past year has been really rough. I was hired on for a very promising job that could have potentially gotten me into the industry I’ve been trying to break into. But as most things go, the job fell through before I could start. I was really depending on those funds to get me by so I was told to open a funding page to help alleviate some of the stress. My current job has me working 4 hours a week and I can’t live off of that (I’ll be fine once I get my hours back by next month). As it is, I’m late on my rent because of what happened with the other job. I’m upset with how it turned out but being angry doesn’t change anything…

I’m supposed to be attending SDCC in just a short amount of time (Less than two weeks!), I’ll be bringing my portfolio for review and trying to network. Any additional funds I can earn will help in paying for hotel fees, parking and gas.

I’m going to open emergency commissions as well. I didn’t want to have to do that with everything I have to prepare for but I can do ink sketches and light watercolor. The drawings above are samples of what I can offer right now. Watercolor busts, scanned at 300dpi for $35. Please message if interested.

If anyone can please reblog this post, I’d really appreciate it. ;w; Thanks to everyone in advance for your help and hearing me out!

The YouCaring page.

My Storenvy and Patreon


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