This is Angelo.


I saw Angelo one day a few weeks ago when I was going
through Union Square here in NYC, where I live. He was sitting on the sidewalk
at a dog adoption event with a volunteer. He was wrapped tight in a blanket and
was resting on his friend’s lap. I got my own dog from the same adoption event
three years ago. For some reason, I stopped and sat down next to Angelo and
started asking about him. There was just something about him.

The volunteer with him said that Angelo has been in foster
care ever since he was found tied to a tree in Brooklyn. When
found, Angelo was neglected and afraid. That was five years ago. Angelo has never had a good home. He lives in shelters and foster homes, and spends his weekends at dog adoption events. Other dogs come and go, and Angelo remains. 


Angelo was very eager for scratches and was giving a lot of kisses.

He has been well cared for
by Mighty Mutts and a series of dedicated volunteers, but he has never had
owners to love him. The volunteer I spoke to had been working with Angelo for a
year. Every Saturday, he comes and sits with Angelo and people walk past him.
He said, “I’ve been doing this for fifteen years and Angelo is one of the
greatest dogs I’ve ever worked with.”

I got that right away. There was a reason I stopped.

So I sat there for a little while. At one point, one of the
puppies got his tail stepped on and yelped. Angelo immediately stood up to
check on the puppy, and then checked every other dog on the adoption line.

There is something about Angelo.

This year has been terrible, but I’m not letting 2016 go
without making something good of it. So I am determined to get Angelo adopted
to a good home. I tweeted about him, and some great people were interested in
Angelo, but they were either too far or already had dogs. So here are the
details on Angelo:

Angelo lives in New York, so he’d have to be adopted in the
area so that Mighty Mutts can do a home visit before adoption. He should ideally be the only dog in the house, though he is good with other dogs. (I had my dog with me, and the two got along great and gave each other kisses. There were a lot of kisses involved in this whole affair.) He would be best suited with someone who has had experience with dogs, because he is a big, lovable guy. He is about eight now, so he is mellow. He has a lot of energy, but loves a cuddle and will likely sleep snuggled up with you if he can.

His volunteer said that for the right application (really make the case, maybe send a video?) he would be willing to drive somewhere within about a five hour radius of New York to do the home visit himself. 

Angelo has spent his life without a real home. If you are in
or around NYC and have been considering a dog, consider Angelo. If you can’t adopt him, please spread the word to anyone you know in the

I will sponsor the $275 adoption fee for Angelo, and you’ll be my hero.

To make an application for Angelo, contact Mighty Mutts. (And if you apply, let me know so I can follow up!) If you spread the word, please use the hashtag #ahomeforangelo

2016 has sucked. Let’s do this thing and get this awesome guy a home. 


from Tumblr http://ift.tt/2gZFLkf


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