story time! lost in my drafts edition

so we are attending a New Year’s Eve party at the house of our Delightful Friends, and there is a kid there, the son of another friend. he’s maybe 3? somewhere in there.

so friends and I are sitting around the dining table when this kid walks in, finger up his nose to the second knuckle

and he’s staring at us

with this thousand-yard stare

this kid’s SEEN THINGS


he’s one of those kids that looks like an old soul is staring out of tired eyes

Anne Rice would use the word “preternatural” to describe this kid

anyway, kid is dark af

and he basically stares around at us for several long minutes, not a word spoken, finger halfway up his nose or rimming the nostril weirdly, but it all culminates with him walking over to the wall and wiping his nose-picking finger on one of Delightful Girl’s paintings

we were powerless to stop him

and then he turned and walked out with a slight backwards glance, as if to say, 

“You saw NOTHING, understand?”

from Tumblr


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