me: there is one (1) fun size™ butterfinger between me & J & it’s been that way for days
me: someone who is not J or me will probably have to eat it
me: and neither of us will see them grab it, and both of us will think it was the other
me: Chapter 1, Uneasy Detente
C: Ohhh,,, true story
C: very true story
C: if it were you and I …one of us (likely me) would eat it…if we beat D to it
me: or we would blatantly eat it AT the other person
me: make a production of it
me: maybe with interpretive dance
C: This does sound like us
C: I like us

my office

Scratched my creativity itch by a nice long session with my new bass. It’s still fighting me a bit, but I’m getting there. And I’m still contemplating names…

TFW you need to be creative but your brain won’t stop bouncing around – I want to live in the world I created for my explorer even though I can’t decide if it wants to be just a short short story or a physical printed thing or or or, and I want to make new button sets, but I’ve got 3 new sets I haven’t even photographed for the shop yet so I’ve got no business making anything new yet and I don’t have any good ideas anyway, and I need to finish my Keeper of the Seeds cosplay but I’m not loving the twine I started the macrame with, and I want to write poetry but the words that were in my head a few hours ago have left, and I still need to learn the bass line for the cover song I suggested for Album No. 3, which reminds me, I want to start the artwork for that but we should probably decide on a name at some point …

tag when you joined the internet and how accurate this is

2016: probably enjoys old memes unironically, no idea how anything works

2012-15: uses “XD” unironically, has a basic understanding of the internet

2010-11: is a fairly average person, advanced understanding of the internet, might be nostalgic

2006-09: wayyy too nostalgic, remembers the old days of youtube, wants things to be simpler, has a nostalgiagasm when remembering old internet, probably has old youtube amvs on their channel from when they were 12 or remembers watching youtube videos when they were 6, age varies from preteen to 20s

2000-05: remembers internet pre-facebook, pre-twitter and pre-youtube, youtube poop expert

the 90s: demigod of the internet, possesses unknown knowledge, reblogs 90s internet posts

the 80s: remembers when eternal september began, probably still uses usenet, possibly doesn’t exist, possibly god

60s-70s: is literally actually god, is a human myth, rest is unknown