We are huge fans of Agador Spartacus in this house.


Mr Bugg is dolled up in a frilly black apron. He is leaning forwards, proffering to Mrs Bugg a silver salver on which rests a bottle of tablets. Mrs Bugg, for her part, has a hand pressed to her forehead in a gesture of either a grand headache, or goth-girl forlornness; let’s go with the former, shall we?

The text reads: “Buggarch 6, 1899: Buggyar register buggrin tablets as a trademark. Maids and housekeepers begin to scratch out the first few lettst to tell housewives that they are actually drugs.”

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because reasons

So I had these grand plans for what I was going to do here, and they changed umpteen times, and I never actually followed up on any of them, now I’m all fuck it, this will be my collection of shit I love, or that makes me laugh, or moves me, or whatever.

Certain dogs we connect with on a whole different level. I love my dogs dearly, and respect them all for the dogs that they are. But certain dogs affect you differently than others. The connection is deeper, the understanding is greater – some dogs are just very special little souls.
These are Soul Dogs. You will be lucky to have one Soul Dog in a lifetime, though some people have had several. And only someone who has had one will understand the bond and unique relationship that I am describing.

Monique Anstee’s post on The Naughty Dogge (9 Dec. 2014).


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Oh gods Freyaboo :/