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You know how people usually point out that George Miller writes so wildly different genres like Mad Max and then Babe.

But upon rewatching the latter, it hit me how similar the premises of both worlds are. Both worlds are meritocratic (in lack of another word) dystopias.

A central message of Mad Max Fury Road is “We Are Not Things”, which means demanding, forcefully if needed, for humans to be seen as more than a commodity that serves a purpose, the purpose of bearing children for example, or of being battle fodder etc.

And Babe? Half of the movie, there is this threat looming over the farm that certain animals might end up as food, and it is specifically made clear that these are the animals that “serve no purpose”. No purpose but to serve as food, as a commodity for the boss and his wife. Simply put, Babe only survives living on this farm not because he’s so cute and loveable, but because he finds a purpose besides being food by herding sheep.

And that’s it. Either you serve the boss, or you get thrown under the bus. Same with Furiosa: The visuals tell us she used to be one of Joe’s wives, but didn’t serve the purpose of bearing children. She only survives because she finds another way to serve Joe by leading his warboys and killing Buzzards.

In other words, Furiosa is Babe 2.0

Furiosa is Babe killing the boss and taking over the farm to create a place where animals don’t have to serve a designated purpose or die.


In other words, Babe is a movie of a pig becoming part of the establishment, it’s like if Fury Road ended with Furiosa becoming Imperator.

Guys. George Miller already wrote Furiosa’s origin story, it’s right here lol

probably ten years ago, my sweetie was sitting in a Chinese restaurant with The Cruxshadows as they explained, patiently and sincerely, how Babe was the best movie ever. he didn’t get it and nor did I, but this explanation actually makes it sound intriguing.

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